Thursday, December 14, 2006

On Testing

The way I see it, women are constantly testing men.
They do it by acting bratty, making demands,
complaining, commanding, being emotional, etc.
Know what I’m talking about?
Here’s what I do:
When a woman tries to test me – for instance, if she
says, “I don’t like that heavy metal that you were
listening to” – I turn it up a notch and send it back to her
– I might also say, “Well, then you might want to not get
in my car anymore, because it’s all I’m going to play now
that you’re whining about it.” (Said in a half serious tone
so she can’t tell if I’m kidding)
This sends the message that if she tries to act
controlling, I’m just going to turn whatever she’s being a
pain about up one notch and give it to her again. Women
get the message loud and clear when you act this way.
It may be hard to believe, but I’ve heard MANY
women say things like, “I HATE IT when a man does what
I tell him to do”, or “I just walk all over him, and it’s so
annoying to me.”
Some women actually have standard tests that they
give to new guys to see if the guy will do what they tell
him to do. I’ve now learned NEVER to accept demanding
or controlling behavior. I usually just laugh and say,
“Cute.” By laughing and saying, “Cute”, I short-circuit
their testing mechanism and let them know that I’m
going to be more of a challenge than they thought.

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