Thursday, December 14, 2006

Do As Much As You Can To Improve

First, I looked at myself. I asked, “If I were the type
of woman who I would like to attract (I like super hot,
very intelligent women), what would make me want to be
with a man?”
So I started reading, listening to tapes, going to
seminars… you name it. And I started to work on my
‘presentation’ of myself.
I now think that it’s important to get EVERY
POSSIBLE thing going for you that you can.
Here’s my take: If you have messed up teeth, for
instance, that still shouldn’t prevent you from dressing
well. So don’t let it.
Get a cool hair style. (It’s OK to ask a stylist what’s
cool and get help on this one.)
Buy nice clothes (Don’t tell me that you don’t have
the $$$. Get on eBay, or go to the Nordstrom Rack and
look at the clearance items. I did it to start.). If you will
do just a few key things, they won’t necessarily HELP you
attract women, but they’ll get rid of things that are
PREVENTING you from attracting women that you DON’T
Make no mistake that if you’re interested in
ATTRACTIVE women, you’d better realize right now that
these things make a difference. You don’t have to work
out ten times a week, but get your body in at least OK
shape. You don’t have to have perfect teeth, but make
sure that they’re clean and your breath is great.
My personal view: If you’re overweight, poorly
groomed, etc., these are all things that are within your
control. You should get them handled for YOURSELF. If
you don’t, then I’m going to assume that you don’t have
very much self-respect, in which case almost NOTHING I
tell you can help.
Women notice details that most men don’t. They
notice if your belt and shoes match. They notice what
kinds of foods you like to eat. They notice all the details
and then make assumptions about every other area of
your life based on these details.
So learn what nice shoes are and how to keep them
nice. Figure out how colors and clothing go together and
what is cool. It’s worth it.
I wasn’t ‘cool’ when I started, but now I’ve learned
how to become more so. Huge difference. (Am I saying
that you can’t attract women if you wear Nike’s and have
messed up hair? No. But remember the old saying: “A
blind pig can find an occasional truffle…”)
Of course, don’t overdo it.
I’ve tried the whole dressing well bit in the past to the
point of looking like I’m trying too hard. Now I dress more
‘casual nice’. I wear a lot of Calvin Klein T-Shirts with
black jeans and nice black shoes, etc. This look with a
nice leather coat works well in almost any situation. This
is a look that you can put together for a couple or few
hundred bucks (for several sets).
Here’s my mindset: Keep improving all the time, even
if it’s the SMALLEST DETAIL.
I noticed recently that at least once every time I go
out, a girl will ask me for a light. I always just said, “I
don’t smoke” or “No”. A couple weeks ago, I said “Ah-Ha”
and went to the lighter store SPECIFICALLY to find the
coolest lighter that anyone has ever invented. I bought
this torch lighter that make a huge flame. It looks like a
welding flame. So what do you think happened the first
time I went out with it? Right… got asked for a light… and
got a ‘wow’ reaction from her, which started a
A list of random things to improve:
• Keep all nails on your body short, clean, and neat.
• The only place where hair is good is on your head.
Keep all other hair trimmed, or have it removed.
Nose and ear hairs are a no-no. Bushy eyebrows
are a no-no. Bushy pubic hairs are a no-no.
• Keep the teeth clean. Get a tongue scraper and
use it a lot. Floss. Use mouthwash. Fix any
blatantly wrong teeth. Do it.
• Wash yourself three times when you shower. Dirt
and body odors don’t come off with just a rinse.
Wash your body completely three times before you
meet a woman.
• Use a good deodorant (I don’t like anti-
perspirants, as they block your lymph system).
• Keep feet, shoes, and socks ultra clean. No foot
odor is permitted, period.
• Get a good cologne. Try Dolce and Gabanna,
Cerruti Image, or Gaultier for men. And don’t
OVER-do it! No cologne is better than a lot of
cologne. One or two squirts, applied an hour
before you’re going to be meeting women, is best.
Remember, women notice the details and assume you
handle everything else the same way.

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