Thursday, December 14, 2006

How Men Usually Find Women

I’ve read several books on mating and courtship
behavior among different species of animals (including
humans!). The funny thing is that humans do just about
the same things as most other animals with slight
Here are the main ways male animals (humans
included) find females:
• Staking out a small territory among other males
where females come specifically to select between
males who are displaying for them (called Lekking
in the animal kingdom).
• Staking out a larger territory where other males
aren’t allowed and showing that they can provide
for a female because they control a large territory.
• Visiting places where females gather or are likely
to be and displaying for them.
• Choosing a spot where they are very visible and
displaying in hopes that a passing female will show
Some human equivalents are:
• Hanging out at a gym or spending time on the
beach with other guys to show off for women.
• Buying a big house and inviting women over to see
how successful and rich you are, demonstrating
that you can provide for them.
• Going to a Yoga class where you know there will
be 10 women for every man.
• Becoming famous or popular, thus placing yourself
in the path of many women.
The point is that there’s nothing new under the sun. If
you want to meet women, you have to:
1) Decide what kind of woman you want.
2) Find out what is attractive to her and be it.
3) Go where these women are likely to be (or set up
a situation where they come to you).
4) Approach and engage them (or, if you can figure
out how to get them to approach you, do that).
It’s all the same game. Most men who are failures
with women aren’t willing to do what it takes to be
successful. That’s the bottom line. I’m going to give you
the secret ingredients that attract women and invite you
to combine some of them with your personality in order
to attract the kind of women you’re interested in. The
question is, “Are you willing to do the work that it will
take to be successful?”

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