Thursday, December 14, 2006

On Predictability

Don’t be predictable. Do the unexpected when they
LEAST expect it.
But don’t overdo it by acting extreme too often. If you
do the unexpected too much, it will come off as unstable,
People in general, including women, are attracted to
the novel... the unusual... the different.
Predictability is the enemy of interesting.
If you always act predictable, then by DEFINITION
you’re not interesting.
So keep doing things that are interesting and
If she wants a kiss, say, “No.” But kiss her later when
YOU feel like it. If she sits on your lap, push her off. But
give her a hug later when YOU feel like it.
The Dark Side: Don’t do things that are too far out in
order to be unpredictable. I said be unpredictable, not
UNSTABLE. Don’t get too wild, or you’ll come across as
being loopy.
Another facet of this mindset: Don’t be too friendly
too early.
This includes touching and smiling. If you do either
too much, you’ll mess it up for yourself.
If you act too interested too early, you’ll come across
as needy. By leaning back and keeping a calm, indifferent
attitude you’ll be more interesting.
I like to take this idea to its extreme by teasing and
making a woman beg me for things that she wants and
commit to things during times when it’s unfair (in a fun
way, of course).
For instance, if she wants a kiss, tell her that you’ll
only give her one if she rubs your back, etc.
Use your imagination here. The idea is to do things
that are unexpected and different.
To summarize, if you become too predictable, you will
become uninteresting to a woman. We humans are
naturally drawn to things that we cannot completely
figure out. So keep some things a mystery. Do some
things that don’t make sense. Don’t be predictable.

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