Thursday, December 14, 2006

On Being A Man

There is a lot controversy around the differences
between men and women. My perspective is that men
and women are different in many ways and that they
usually respond differently to various types of
And as politically incorrect as this might sound, I
believe that most women respond very strongly to
‘masculine’ men. The more confident, arrogant, and
dominant I’ve acted, the more women have responded to
me emotionally and sexually. (I’m not talking about
hitting a woman over the head and dragging her to your
cave, Bubba.)
And now that I’ve thought about it a lot and
interviewed dozens of women about this topic, I’ve
realized that weak men are generally not attractive to
women. Women may demand things, whine, and act like
a pain, but it’s usually all a test of one sort or another.
If you’re weak, shy, or submissive, get over it. Start
walking a little taller, acting a little more self-centered,
and taking what you want.
Now, I have to be careful here. I want to make sure
you don’t start acting like an ‘asshole’ to women. The
masculine man says, “No” to a woman calmly. The
Asshole says, “No” to a woman in an angry tone. Get it?

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