Thursday, December 14, 2006

How Women Test Men And Why

In my opinion, most women, especially the ‘hotties’,
have gone through a learning curve here in our western
culture that has on average given them a sort of
‘predictable psychological makeup’. Now, there are
differences between these women… some are smart,
some are not… some are tall, some are short… some are
cerebral, some are physical… etc. etc. etc… but there are
things that most of them have in common. I’ve made a
study of these things… because this is what interests me.
At some point in their lives, hotties began to be
treated differently because they were attractive. I
mentioned the social psychology concept earlier called
‘The Halo Effect’. Simply stated, attractive people are
assumed to be smarter, more honest, more trustworthy,
etc. than others. The fact that people do whatever the
hottie wants begins to blur their sense of reality and
makes them believe that they can have whatever they
want whenever they want it… AND THAT’S JUST THE WAY
LIFE IS. (This applies in general.)
You’ll notice that many super-hotties will throw
tantrums if they don’t like what’s going on or aren’t
getting their way… this is a sure sign that they are not
living in the same reality as most people… when they
don’t get what they want, they get upset because this has
worked since they were little…
Now, on a subconscious level, I’ve noticed that most
hot women realize that they are being ridiculous when
they act like bitches, throw tantrums, etc. but it doesn’t
really matter because it still WORKS for them when they
want what they want… are you with me?
Underneath all of this behavior, they are still FEMALE
and they are looking for what other females are also
looking for…
What are women looking for?
Well, for the record, I have no idea. After 30 years of
studying people, Freud said that there was one question
that he didn’t have the answer to… “What do women
want?” Nice.
BUT, here’s my take on it: First and foremost, they
want a man who is in CONTROL (of the situation, himself,
his emotions, other people, her… control of the entire
reality that they share).
Let me ask you, if you were a woman who wanted to
test a man to see if he will stay in control, how would you
do it? Would you ask the man, “If I get out of hand, will
you spank me and put me in my place?”
So they test us by CHALLENGING us to see if we’ll
stay in control. The reason I do all of this “Never give a
woman a direct answer… unless it’s NO… Never give a
woman exactly what she wants…” etc. is, ironically, to
give her what she REALLY wants… a man who’s in control.
Women want a challenge. Think romance novel
themes… if you don’t know what I’m talking about, sit
yourself down for a week and read Dangerous Men and
Adventurous Women by Jayne Krentz… How to Succeed
With Women By Being A Jerk by F.J. Shark… Endless
Rapture by Helen Hazen… and Bad Boys by Margie
Palatini… and think about it.
Most of the time, I’m enjoying myself, talking about
whatever comes up, making jokes, and generally
behaving like a normal person.
But, like anything else, if these techniques are used
too much, they become worthless… so they must be used
with precision and at the right moments.
What’s interesting is that because I usually (but not
always) do these teasing and seemingly controlling things
with a bit of a dry humor spin, I believe that the woman
who I’m with has an internal response like, “Wow, this
guy is cocky, but I can’t tell if he’s serious or not… and I
want to find out… but either way, he’s funny and he’s
staying interested in me and not being flagrantly
abusive… so he must be interested at SOME level…”
The key is to WATCH FOR THE TESTS and be ready
when they come.
Most guys screw up when a woman acts bratty… or
when a woman gets upset, they say, “Oh, I’m sorry” and
mess it up. Or they act nervous, etc. You have to stay in
control… If a woman starts getting angry, instead of
getting nervous say, “Oh, poor baby is throwing a
tantrum… So what. You’ve been doing the same thing
since you were 2, and you didn’t get your way.”
Another realization I’ve had is that most women are
totally intrigued by men who seem uninterested and
crass… it’s almost like they say to themselves, “Wow, this
guy seems kind of cocky… and I can’t believe that he’s
not interested in having sex with me like all the other
dumb pussies that I meet… He’s funny and smart… I
wonder if I can get him interested in me… and when I do,
I’ll just dump him like the other losers… but this might be
Get it?
But if you are going to act this way, you have to keep
it up until the end… and I mean to the end.
I’m going to address the ‘treating women well’ issue
I treat women very well… they always tell me that
they’ve never met a man who treats them so well, etc.
How can this be when I seem like such a ball buster?
Well, it’s simple really… I do nice things for them ON
MY OWN TERMS. I will surprise them with a thoughtful e-
mail or a card… or I might give them a nice massage… I
open doors and walk on the outside of the curb… But part
of most women’s romantic fantasy (in my opinion) is the
man taking control of the situation and doing things on
HIS terms. Try it for yourself… next time you’re going to
meet a woman, tell her what to wear… choose the food
and tell her to trust you… if she asks for a kiss, say,
“No”… but kiss her later when YOU feel like it… if you
know that she likes chocolate, and she asks for some…
don’t give it to her… but surprise her with some next time
you see her… get it?
Here are a couple of rules of thumb that I use:
1. Never give a woman a direct answer… unless the
answer is NO. This is a big one. If she says, “Can we
sit here?” I say, “No, let’s sit in this one next to it.”…
or if she says, “How do you like my dress?” I say,
“Well, I think that I like it… just give me a few minutes
to see it on you.”… or if she says, “Call me tomorrow.”
I say, “No. You call me tomorrow… cummon, you want
me and you know it.” Get it?
2. If she complains about you or doesn’t like something,
turn it up a notch and do it more. If she says to me, “I
don’t really like it when you say that.”, I say, “Well
then you might want to leave, because I say it a lot.”
Get it?
3. Women are CONSTANTLY testing to see if they can get
you to comply with them. As soon as you do, they hit
the road (or marry you). This idea took me years to
see and understand, but the fact is that when you’re
dealing with a powerful, hot woman she will do all
different kinds of things that make no sense at all
logically... but all the sense in the world when you
understand her mindset.
Hot women can have anything they want. What they
want is a challenge… something that keeps their
interest. If a woman can have anything she wants
anytime she wants it, then WHY THE HELL DO GUYS
4. Hey, I used to think this way… but then I got a clue.
Now, I pay very careful attention and never let her
have what she wants. If she says, “Kiss me.” I say,
“No.” If she says, “Come over to my house.” I say,
“I’m busy right now, I’ll come over later.” If she says,
“I want you so bad, please make love to me.” I say,
“Well, I think that you need to wait a little longer. And
besides, I’m not finished kissing you.” Get it? I NEVER
give a woman exactly what she asks for… EVER!
Always send mixed signals. Tell her I want to be
friends and kiss her. Tell her what she just did was
unacceptable and then go kiss her. Spank her if she
does something nice. Also, respond differently to the
same thing. For example, one time if she comes over
and sits on my lap, I kiss her. Another time I push her
off… get it? Never be predictable… NEVER.
For the record, when I say, “always” and “never”, I
don’t really mean “ALWAYS 100% WITHOUT EXCEPTION
EVER.” I mean that you should do these as much as you
possibly can, because you really can’t overdo any of them
as long as you stay cocky and funny while you’re doing
The test is always, “Is she laughing, smiling, having
fun most of the time?” If so, you can’t overdo these four

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