Thursday, December 14, 2006

Why Women Are Attracted To Things Like Fame, Money, And Power

In my opinion, women are attracted to things like
fame, money, and power because they are genetically
and socially programmed on an unconscious level to
believe that these men are more intelligent, more fun,
more interesting, more able to give them the lifestyle –
and MOST IMPORTANTLY – more able to give them the
FEELINGS that they want. In his book Influence, Robert
Cialdini talks about a psychological principle called the
‘Halo Effect’. In a nutshell, humans naturally assume that
attractive and powerful people are smarter and more
trustworthy than average people.
A woman desires a man who fits into her self-image
fantasies that have been forming since she was very
young. And thanks to Disney these fantasies were
imbedded even further than her genetic wiring ever
Overall, the answer is to realize that rich, powerful,
famous guys have the advantage at the beginning from
traits. But if you can learn to get a woman’s attention and
then give her the FEELINGS that she’s always wanted,
she’ll treat you like you’re famous, rich, and powerful as
A tall, handsome man, or a famous rich man ‘pushes
a button’ and triggers certain feelings inside of a woman.
If you’re not rich, famous, tall and/or super attractive,
you have to learn to ‘install the button’ so that when they
see you, they automatically have those feelings. The good
news is that you can do this with most women, whereas
you cannot with most men.
While women are interested in looks to some degree,
they are MORE interested in how you make them feel.
Even if you don’t understand this concept, you have to
believe and start acting as if it’s true. You must behave as
if you confidently believe that you are the best thing for a
woman and that you are going to make her feel
Women can pick up this particular belief, and they
respond to it.
Ask yourself:
“How would I walk if I believed that I could make any
woman feel great inside?
“How would I talk if I believed that I could make any
woman feel great inside?”
“What would the expression be on my face if I
believed that I could make any woman feel great inside?”
“How would I act differently if I were the kind of man
that women dreamed about?”
Then start doing these things. When you’re talking to
a woman, imagine how good you’re going to make her
feel. Fake it till you make it. Just do it. Women will notice.

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