Thursday, December 14, 2006

Your Enemies Are Insecurity and Neediness

Insecurity and neediness are two of the biggest
obstacles to success with women. Insecurity and
neediness are like hemlock and arsenic – either will kill
your attractiveness when dealing with women.
A man is needy when he craves attention or
recognition. He shows that he’s insecure when he ACTS
on these needs.
Insecurity shows up when a man does not feel
comfortable with who he is or comfortable in a given
situation. He acts tentative, weak, and unsure. He tries to
put on a show of confidence which is obviously fake. He
says things that are out of place in an attempt to get
Women detect insecurity and neediness INSTANTLY.
Here are some examples of insecurity and neediness
to avoid:
• Hanging on a woman. Don’t touch a woman or
crowd her too much in the beginning. Women take
it as a sign of neediness and insecurity. Instead,
lean back and let her become comfortable being
around you.
• Talking or saying negative things about women or
past girlfriends. If you talk too much about past

girlfriends or other women, or say negative things
about them, a woman will judge you to be
• Having emotional responses to things. If it’s
obvious to a woman that you easily get upset
about things, then she will judge you to be
• Looking to others to make decisions. Women like it
when you decide what’s going to happen and then
do it. If you are always asking, “Well, what do you
think I should do?”, “Where do you want to go
tonight?”, and “What do you want?”, you’ll come
off as needy. Just make decisions and go with it. If
she has a different idea, she’ll let you know.
• Saying or doing things just to be noticed or to get
compliments. I’ve known a lot of men who try to
act cool or show off to get attention. This approach
telegraphs to a woman that you’re insecure and
needy. Don’t do it. If you’re cool, she’ll figure it
out without you telling her.
• Arguing. This is my favorite. Some people feel like
they need to argue with EVERYTHING. If you’re
one of these people, just realize that this is a clear
demonstration that you’re insecure and needy. You
may always be right, but being overly
argumentative is bad for your sex life. Deal with it.
If you really want to argue with something, do it in
a funny way and not in a serious way.

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