Thursday, December 14, 2006

More On My Way Of Looking At Things

I don’t ask women for permission to do things, and I
don’t look to them to lead what’s going to happen next. I
used to kind of watch what they were doing and take cues
on how to act. Now I do and say what I want and look for
cues from her so I know when to bust her balls.
I spent a long time learning how to get phone
numbers from women only to realize that this wasn’t the
same as success. Then, I learned how to get women to
come over to my house only to realize that this wasn’t the
same as success. I finally realized that I have to lead the
way the entire time – just like in ballroom dancing. I have
to know where we’re going and lead the way the entire
But my most important realization is that THIS IS MY
REALITY, AND SHE IS A GUEST – not the other way
around. If a woman tries to play a game with me, put me
off, give me an excuse, etc. I start laughing out loud at
her. At first, she doesn’t know what’s going on... but then
I say something like, “Cummon... what, are you kidding?
Give me a break.”
This tells them that even their little ploys aren’t going
to get by my radar – never mind into my reality. I never
get upset at them or let them get to me emotionally (this
is key, because if they sense that they’ve found a button,
they’ll use it over and over again). As my friend Eric once
Let me point out that when I’m meeting women, I’m
almost NEVER thinking about a ‘long-term relationship’
with them in the beginning. If I like them and later they
prove to be someone that really amazes me, then this will
be a possibility.
My guess is that strong, exceptional, interesting men
who are in control of themselves and their realities are as
rare for women as super hot women are rare for men.
See where I’m going? Said in a different way, “Why do so
many men settle for average or worse looking women?”
I think the logic goes both ways. I mean, I know quite
a few ass-kicking men – but this is because I’ve literally
spent years finding and making friends with them. Most
women aren’t lucky enough to run across one. And when
they do, they usually mess it up by being a bitch or
uninteresting. So they just settle for whatever the best
option is at the moment. And they often wind up getting
comfortable in the process.
There’s another interesting point that I’ve noticed
Many of the marriages that I know of that have lasted
for many years (10+) have something in common: a
woman that subtly controls the man. I mean, think about
the plot of most romance novels: Woman meets wild
man, woman tames man and lives happily ever after with
her new well-behaved BOY.
So keep this in mind when you’re interacting with
***Because I may be coming off a bit harshly here, I
want to mention something. If you could be in the room
with me during my interactions with a new woman that I
find interesting, you’d most likely be thinking, “This guy is
funny as hell... but he’s really pushing it. I mean, he’s on
the borderline of saying something that’s just too damn
arrogant. But wow, the woman just seems to get more
and more into him as this goes on... interesting.” You
would NOT be thinking, “Wow, this guy seems to me like
a womanizer who’s mean to women.”
I say this so that you understand that all of the
techniques that I employ are part of the all-important
‘Character’ that I discussed earlier.
By staying cocky and funny, women will laugh their
asses off, get frustrated that you’re not playing to them,
and finally crack and show that they like you.
If you’re just a plain old run of the mill jerk, then
none of this will work. The ‘assholes’ who get laid usually
have an angle (money, fame, whatever) that they mix
with the assholeness.
Mean, self-centered people with no social
attractiveness are usually out of luck.
So keep in mind the all-important ingredient: Humor.
NOTHING works for me like humor mixed with
I also want to mention once again that I’m very
flexible and in many situations, I will begin to do very
sweet and thoughtful things for a woman – just on my
And when it comes to sex (***big key here***) I
always pay attention and learn what a woman likes. My
goal is to be the most fulfilling lover that she’s had. Mix
all this up with some special sauce, and you have the
recipe for hot women who love to have sex with you and
love you as a person as well because you’re interesting to
Remember, women are not linear, logical creatures. If
you do things that make sense, they will do things that
don’t make any sense at all.
If you do things that don’t make any sense at all,
then women will often do what you want them to do.
It’s just that you have to know exactly WHICH things
to do that don’t make sense.
Make sense?

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