Thursday, December 14, 2006

Let’s Be Friends

Have you ever noticed how women will say, “I like
him, but only as a FRIEND.”
Don’t you hate that?
I thought about that one for a long time, and a friend
of mine and I have figured out how to turn this one
around. Now I always make reference to ‘making friends’
and ‘let’s get together and make friends’ and ‘if nothing
else, we can be friends’ in the first conversation and when
setting up the first coffee date.
Then when on the date, I talk about why I like to
make ‘friends’ first to get to know the other person. “I
think that you’re going to make a nice friend.”
Then, after the friendship frame is established, I flirt
like hell and make sexual innuendoes and jokes. This
immediately sets up the idea that I’m very in control of
myself and that I’m going to JUDGE whether l want to be
more than friends based on something more than JUST
This is something that a woman has most likely
NEVER encountered (as you know, this is a favorite of
By the way, if you talk about being friends first, it
makes you remember to look past the looks and find out
what kind of person you’re dealing with (If I had a dollar
for every guy I know, including myself, that screwed his
life up by getting too involved with a woman because she
was attractive on the outside, but turned out to be a
horrible person...)
You can keep up this ‘let’s be friends’ fun forever.
Even after you start dating, still talk about it. It’s easy to
have fun with it. You’ll see.

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