Thursday, December 14, 2006

What Outcome Are You Looking For?

Most men that I talk to about this topic really can’t
explain the EXACT outcome that they’re looking for.
So let me ask you...
Are you looking for a one night stand?
Are you looking for a girlfriend?
Are you looking for a wife?
Are you looking to get this part of my life called
‘confidence with women’ handled?
What is it that you’d like to do?
Once you choose an outcome for yourself, you can
apply what you’re learning to that outcome. If you have
no outcome, then you’re going to be like a ship in the
ocean with no particular port as your destination. With no
target, there is a very small chance that you’ll ever be
Take a moment and write down your goal as it relates
to women. Then think about that goal as you read the
rest of this book.
The idea here is to give yourself a framework to work
within and one to plan around. Failing to plan is planning
to fail.

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