Thursday, December 14, 2006

Women Don’t Make Sense

I’m going to start off this whole shebang by giving
you my take on women in general.
I know, I know. Every woman is a unique creature.
But women have more commonalties than they have
differences. So let’s start with what I think they have in
common and then we’ll move on to how they differ. (The
ideas that I’m about to share with you here are from my
own research, testing in the real world, and personal
For most men, a woman is like a Chinese puzzle
inside of a brain twister.
Much of their behavior makes no sense at all (to
If there’s one thing that I’m clear about, it’s that most
women THINK differently than most men, and most
women want different things than most men.
This is hard for many men to grasp or understand,
but it’s true. And the sooner you get a handle on what’s
going on here, the sooner you’ll become more successful
with women.
Let’s start by comparing what men and women are
interested in.
Have you ever stopped to think about what entertains
women as a group compared to what entertains men as a
group? Women buy Cosmopolitan magazines, watch soap
operas, and read romance novels. Men buy Playboy,
watch sports, and read the paper.
Hey, wait a minute here! What’s in those Cosmos,
soaps, and romance novels? And why are women so
attracted to them?
And why is it that when men try to watch a soap
opera or read a romance novel all they can say is, “I don’t
get it...”?
I’ll tell you why. It’s because women’s brains are
wired differently from men’s brains. That’s why.
And by telling you about what attracts women’s
attention, I’ve also given you a clue about how to attract
them to YOU.

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