Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thinking In Time Frames

Here’s a common problem: A man tries to impress a
woman by doing things that show that he’s a good LONG-
TERM RELATIONSHIP kind of guy, but the woman
responds by being stand-offish.
I have read some interesting research that shows that
women have a few main categories in their minds in
which they slot men.
These are:
1) Not interested at all.
2) Interested as a friend.
3) Interested in a long-term relationship.
4) Interested in a sexual relationship.
Here’s the interesting part: If a woman sees a man as
a good potential ‘long-term’ mate, she’ll usually hold back
the sex.
On the other hand, if she gets sexually involved with
a man, she’ll usually still be open to a long-term
Most men who want sex make the mistake of doing
things like taking women to dinner, buying them gifts,
and being romantic. This behavior triggers the “Hey, this
guy is good long-term material” category in the woman’s
mind, and they hold back sex.
But if a man does things to turn a woman on earlier in
the game and she gets sexually involved, he can choose
where he wants the relationship to go. Are you with me
on this one?
Go ask some men and women about this idea. They’ll
report back to you what I’m telling you. Women know
that if a man is doing all the big romantic things like
buying her gifts and taking her out, he is displaying
‘courtship’ types of behavior. I mentioned earlier that
women take hints very well and read into things much
more than men. Unfortunately, men have no idea that
their good deeds are being interpreted as long-term
courtship demonstrations. Ahhhh!
So what’s the solution?
The solution is to stop doing the ‘I’m courting you’
things early on, and start by being attractive, interesting,
and sexy. This puts the balance of power in your hands
and puts you more in control.
I’m going to say it again: A woman will get into a
long-term relationship with a man who she’s sleeping
with, but she won’t be as likely to sleep with a man who’s
courting her. Get it?

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