Thursday, December 14, 2006

How To Answer Any Question That You Don’t Want To Answer

Women have a way with questions.
They seem to always ask questions that men don’t
want to answer.
Questions like:
“Are you seeing anyone else right now?”
“How do you feel about marriage?”
“Do you want kids?”
“How do you feel about me?”
“Do I look fat in these pants?”
Know what I’m talking about?
Well, it took me awhile, but I finally figured out how
to deal with tough questions: Evasive Action.
Here’s how it works. If she asks you a tough question,
don’t miss a beat – respond with the answer she wants to
hear. Then throw in a slapstick comedy line.
For instance:
Say she asks: “Are you seeing other women?”
You answer: “No... other men.”
Get it?
Here’s another one:
She asks: “Do you love me?”
You answer: “Of course... as a friend.”
And another:
She asks: “Where were you last night? I called.”
You answer: “I was home thinking about you... but
since you didn’t call early enough, I went out and hired
ten strippers.”

At first, I figured that this tactic wouldn’t work. But
then I tried using it a few times, and behold, it worked in
almost every situation.
And if she pushes and asks again: “Cummon,
You say: “No, seriously. I was home thinking about
you... OK, OK, you got me. I really went out with ten
other women. Are you happy? What, are you feeling
If you keep it up, they’ll give up.
Make sure you don’t act busted or nervous and it will
work for you, too. Remember, women can take hints very
well, and if they think that there’s an answer that they
don’t want to hear, they’ll give up and stop asking.

On Persistence:

A common theme I hear:
Make love to me right now!”
Persistence is key. Never give up… if a woman says,
“We’re not going to have sex tonight”, I immediately
think to myself, “Ohhh, she just let me know that she’s
feeling some temptation and wants to get the
responsibility off herself… this is going to be fun and
Trust me on this one.
Their words are usually hollow and meaningless…
watch their BEHAVIOR…
***Now, DON’T take this to mean that if a woman
says, “STOP” when you’re touching her that she wants
you to rape her… this kind of dumb-ass thinking will
result in jail time and your getting a large new boyfriend
named Otis.***
Just realize that a “No” said with longing in her eyes
or passion in her kiss usually means, “Get me more
turned on by kissing my neck, caressing me, smelling me,
and saying romantic and sexy things.”
I’ve realized that women shift gears all the time and
next time you talk to her she might be in a completely
different mood, etc. so if you really want her, don’t give
up the first time something weird happens.


If you need to get ‘fear’ handled, read the book, Feel
The Fear And Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers. This is an
AWESOME book on getting fear handled.

Voice Tone

Voice tone is VERY important.
If you want to be more successful with women, work
on developing a deep, resonant, musical, articulate voice
And I don’t care if you have the whiniest, highest
pitched voice anyone’s ever heard.
You can improve it if you try.
First of all, practice talking slower and deeper.
You should be able to feel your voice resonating in
your chest when you talk.
Keep practicing until you can.
I highly recommend that you go out and buy the
audio series “The Sound Of Your Voice” by Carol
Also, get on eBay or and look for some
voice training tapes.
They’re well worth the investment and practice.
Women find a sexy voice irresistible. This is a big one, so
get to work on it.

On Testing

The way I see it, women are constantly testing men.
They do it by acting bratty, making demands,
complaining, commanding, being emotional, etc.
Know what I’m talking about?
Here’s what I do:
When a woman tries to test me – for instance, if she
says, “I don’t like that heavy metal that you were
listening to” – I turn it up a notch and send it back to her
– I might also say, “Well, then you might want to not get
in my car anymore, because it’s all I’m going to play now
that you’re whining about it.” (Said in a half serious tone
so she can’t tell if I’m kidding)
This sends the message that if she tries to act
controlling, I’m just going to turn whatever she’s being a
pain about up one notch and give it to her again. Women
get the message loud and clear when you act this way.
It may be hard to believe, but I’ve heard MANY
women say things like, “I HATE IT when a man does what
I tell him to do”, or “I just walk all over him, and it’s so
annoying to me.”
Some women actually have standard tests that they
give to new guys to see if the guy will do what they tell
him to do. I’ve now learned NEVER to accept demanding
or controlling behavior. I usually just laugh and say,
“Cute.” By laughing and saying, “Cute”, I short-circuit
their testing mechanism and let them know that I’m
going to be more of a challenge than they thought.

On Predictability

Don’t be predictable. Do the unexpected when they
LEAST expect it.
But don’t overdo it by acting extreme too often. If you
do the unexpected too much, it will come off as unstable,
People in general, including women, are attracted to
the novel... the unusual... the different.
Predictability is the enemy of interesting.
If you always act predictable, then by DEFINITION
you’re not interesting.
So keep doing things that are interesting and
If she wants a kiss, say, “No.” But kiss her later when
YOU feel like it. If she sits on your lap, push her off. But
give her a hug later when YOU feel like it.
The Dark Side: Don’t do things that are too far out in
order to be unpredictable. I said be unpredictable, not
UNSTABLE. Don’t get too wild, or you’ll come across as
being loopy.
Another facet of this mindset: Don’t be too friendly
too early.
This includes touching and smiling. If you do either
too much, you’ll mess it up for yourself.
If you act too interested too early, you’ll come across
as needy. By leaning back and keeping a calm, indifferent
attitude you’ll be more interesting.
I like to take this idea to its extreme by teasing and
making a woman beg me for things that she wants and
commit to things during times when it’s unfair (in a fun
way, of course).
For instance, if she wants a kiss, tell her that you’ll
only give her one if she rubs your back, etc.
Use your imagination here. The idea is to do things
that are unexpected and different.
To summarize, if you become too predictable, you will
become uninteresting to a woman. We humans are
naturally drawn to things that we cannot completely
figure out. So keep some things a mystery. Do some
things that don’t make sense. Don’t be predictable.

More Nuggets of Gold

Always end conversations, meetings, and phone calls
I got this idea from the book The Rules by Ellen Fein
and Sherrie Schneider...You remember that book that
was written about how to get a man to marry you? Well,
it’s a great book. But I don’t think the authors would like
the reasons why I think it’s great. I take all of ‘the rules’
and turn them around. When you play the games that
women often play, you will not believe the responses
you’ll get.
Now, I used to be against any kind of ‘game playing’.
I still don’t like lies, cheating, general dishonesty, or
manipulation. BUT, when you use these things in the right
way, it becomes kind of a ‘game’ that women LOVE to
play. It’s strange, but women love to tease and be
teased. And if you don’t take this stuff too seriously, you
can have some real fun.
But, I digress... The reason to end conversations,
calls, and meetings first is that it does two things: First, it
says, “I’m not a needy guy, and I have things to do. I’m
busy and if you want me, you’re going to have to work to
get me.”
Second, it sets up a situation where YOU are in
control of the situation. If you start doing this with EVERY
call, EVERY meeting, and EVERY conversation, you will be
blown away by the responses you’ll get.
You’ll have women say, “What? But we’re having so
much fun...!”, “Well, when can I see you again?”, or
“Don’t you like me?”
By the way, don’t take the bait when they say these
things! Say, “Of course I like you, and of course I’m
having fun – but I’m busy and I have things to do. So call
me tomorrow and maybe I can get together with you at
the end of the week.”
I LOVE THIS!!! Love it! Love it! Love it!
And women love it too. As much as you might think
it’s cruel and unusual punishment, women love nothing
more than to go home wondering, “Does he love me?
Does he like me? Will he call me? Did he have fun?”

I know, I know... sounds too bizarre to be true, but
trust me. Tease and do these things, and you’ll find that
they’ll work like a charm... plus have the added bonus of
being damn fun!
***I have to insert here that I’ve given this advice to
many needy man who have rejected it whole heartedly.
They continue to act needy and not let women go at the
end of the night, when talking on the phone, etc. By not
making themselves scarce and unusual, they make
themselves valueless. Don’t make the same mistake
Another one that I use often is ‘Don’t say caring and
affectionate things directly – but say them indirectly’.
Women have a love for metaphors, demonstrations,
stories, gifts, etc.
For instance, saying, “You’re beautiful” 12 times a day
isn’t attractive, but writing a poem that says it and
leaving it somewhere as a surprise is very attractive.
Also, if I’m appreciating something about a woman, I
point to a specific part or thing or detail. Women love it
when you NOTICE things.
This reminds me of a very important point: Women
LOVE it when you THINK about them. If you say, “I was
thinking about you, so I wrote you” the woman will have
something inside go ‘click’! I believe that women like gifts
not because they have value, but because they say, “I
was thinking about you, I have these feelings for you, and
this gift is a symbol for them.”
Does this make sense to you?
I didn’t think so. It didn’t to me, either. But IT’S
TRUE. So start telling women that you were thinking
about them, that you were remembering times with
them, and that something reminded you of them. If you

do this, you don’t have to buy gifts anymore! They know
you’re thinking about them! Nice.
Here’s something else that I’ve figured out that
doesn’t make any sense at all: Women love ‘Mismatched
Communication’. What I mean by this is that women like
it when you’re doing one thing serious and one thing
jokingly, or being verbally tough, but physically
Let me give you a couple of examples.
If you’re talking to a woman and telling her that you
think she’s beautiful, keep a very SERIOUS look on your
face. This adds all kinds of drama to the situation and
gives the woman something to imagine all kinds of deep
meanings. (By the way, most men smile too much. Smile
less when talking to women. It will keep them wondering
what you’re thinking and it will help you.)
Or while kissing a woman, reach down and bite her on
the neck, just a tiny bit too hard (no blood please).
One thing tender, one thing slightly violent.
Or maybe you’ve just finished holding her hand and
kissing her. When she stands up, give her a spank on the
ass and tell her it was because she’s such a good kisser.
The idea here is that what you’re feeling is causing
you to do something IRRATIONAL. You’ve being swept
away by the moment. Or you’re experiencing conflicting
feelings. This leaves it to her to figure out what you’re
‘REALLY’ feeling, which women love to do.
It also makes you the most interesting, unpredictable
guy she’s ever met.
You know, another thing that I’ve noticed is that
women LOVE to talk about sex. Most men are not

comfortable bringing up the subject with women they
don’t know. But try telling a couple of dirty jokes, or
talking about a sex program you saw on T.V. Most women
will jump right in and start giving their take on the topic.
It’s amazing. Try it.